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Welding Strip Curtains

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Upgrade Your Space

Elevate your interior design with our wide selection of PVC curtains.

Measure Your Door Height/Width

Start by measuring the height and width of your doorway or opening. This is important as it ensures your plastic strip curtain kit will fit perfectly. Note down your measurements as you will need to input these into the calculator.

Choose your PVC Strip Type

Next, select the type of PVC strip that suits your needs best. Different types are available, each designed for specific applications such as standard (for general usage), polar (for cold storage areas), welding (to block UV light), and others.

Smooth Clear
Used For 90% of Cases
The Industry Standard
Crystal clear separation, flexible smooth PVC strip for a variety of custom applications, indoor or outdoor from -10° to 150°F. Versatile and economical for a wide range of applications.
Ribbed Clear
Heavy-Duty Industrial Traffic
Tough PVC material reduces scratching from loads, preventing wear of the PVC strip and increasing PVC strip lifespan. Perfect for forklift & machine traffic in environments from -10° to 150°F.
Low Temp Clear
Walk-In Freezer PVC Strips
Tough PVC material reduces scratching from loads, preventing wear of the PVC strip and increasing PVC strip lifespan. Perfect for forklift & machine traffic in environments from -10° to 150°F.
Anti Insect
Bug Repelling PVC
Our exclusive anti-insect formulation repels flying insects with Citronella and prevents infiltration of the facility. Yellow color inhibits insects’ ability to detect light behind curtains.
Anti Static
PVC for Dust & Static
Specially formulated PVC strip material for static-sensitive or high-dust applications. For data centers, clean rooms, manufacturing facilities, and areas with flammable materials.
Black Opaque
Walk-In Freezer PVC Strips
Flexible, opaque black plastic strip material totally restricts the view between areas while maintaining workflow. Perfect for conveyor belt openings to prevent visual access.
Welding Amber
Welding Safety PVC
Safely section off space and protect workers from welding hazards by blocking UV rays and providing a barrier against sparks – operating temperatures between 0° to 150°F.

Choose Your Strip Width & Overlap

Now, choose the width and thickness of your strips. Sizes range from narrow and thin for pedestrian doors to wider and thicker for heavy-duty or industrial use.

6” Strips & 67% Overlap
Smaller Doorways, Most Economical Using less overlap with a more economical material is suitable for smaller doorways and pedestrian-only traffic. Consider a heavier strip for bigger openings or motorized traffic. Light duty solution for walk-in coolers.
6” Strips & 100% Overlap
Walk-In Freezer Industry Standard Smallest strip in full overlap, two layers of strip across the hanger, provides the perfect seal for walk-in freezer applications. Also used for smaller openings as an economical barrier for air pressure, temperature, noise, dust.
8” Strips & 25% Overlap
Economical Commercial Industrial Industry standard strip width, using less overlap requires less strip material and makes perfect for high traffic pedestrian traffic. Carry loaded serving trays or boxes through with ease, Good for walk-in coolers.
8” Strips & 50% Overlap
Industry Standard Most Common Most versatile PVC strip door that will withstand pedestrian traffic and also accommodate the person walking with the hand truck. An effective plastic strip barrier, right in the middle in terms of effectiveness and ease of access.
8” Strips & 100% Overlap
Industry Standard Full Overlap Two layers of strips across the doorway, for when larger strips are too heavy. Used mostly to save energy and control negative and positive air pressure, wind, seal off air, noise, dust between the office and warehouse openings.
12” Strips & 67% Overlap
Heavy Duty, Big Openings, Machine Traffic Big heavy strip for large openings, forklift traffic, trucks and machinery. Uses less material and is easier to pass through than full overlap. If lighter loads are typically carried, too heavy of a strip may drag product off of the forklift.
12” Strips & 100% Overlap
Walk-In Freezer Industry Standard Full overlap with largest and heaviest strip – curtains for extra large doorways, heavy machinery, forklifts, loading docks or exterior doorways with excess wind. Openings with high levels of negative and positive air pressure.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Once I place my order, when will my kit ship?

Your kit will ship the next business day after placing an order. You should receive it within 7 days if you live in the lower 48 states.

Is everything made in the US?

We’re proud to offer a product 100% made in the United States. PVC material from foreign manufacturers unfortunately often has cancer causing chemicals, and we’ve taken great care to ensure our strips meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Can I buy replacement strips?

Absolutely – call us to order your replacement strips and we’ll get them shipped out right away.

How can I be sure the kit will work for my door?

We guarantee our kits will fit any door opening (assuming the right size is ordered). The universal hanger allows for various mount types, like door jamb, flat to wall, and suspended rod. If you have specific questions or concerns about fit, please call our customer service team before placing an order.

Do you price match?

No – our strip curtain kits are the highest quality on the market and we offer the best value around!

What if I’m not sure if I calculated the right size?

It’s very important that your kit dimensions and selections are inputted correctly since your strip curtain kit is 100% custom. If you have any questions or doubts, please call us to help with your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, and Meta Pay.

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